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  • 30 Oct 2015MARUTO now launches a new websiteOpen or Close

    We’re pleased to announce that MARUTO is now expanding European markets where we offer a new range of cuticle nippers alongside with nail nippers for professionals that are dedicated to local markets. MARUTO is originated back about 100 years ago the first generation started producing industrial pliers which are now exported over 20 countries world wide, and  MARUTO has gained majour audience in Japan where MARUTO cuticle nippers are recognised as the finest and the highest quality nippers available in the market hence MARUTO has no.1 share in that segment.







Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo has been the by-word for premium hand tool products for almost 100 years. Our skills derive from traditional Japanese steel-working methods of which the katana sword is universally admired. The same spirit goes into our Maruto beauty products. If you are the owner of one of our nail nippers, grooming kits or eyelash extensions, you are assured that you possess the best.

Maruto Hasegawa Kosakujo was founded in 1924, and like steel itself has refined itself with experience and technology to launch ‘Maruto’ beauty care products in 2003 and reach a level of sophistication which is recognised and admired in the body-care business both in Japan and over 20 countries internationally.



Touzaburo HasegawaⅠ of the founder was entrepreneurs in some 24-year-old. It is time when finally radio broadcasting begins in Japan and a few years ahead of the Great Depression. It is a carpenter tools that had been made initially as “tighten flag”.

Mid 90s

The Touzaburo that has been fascinated by the work tool, such as a more modern pliers , introduced for the first time " spring hammer " in Niigata Prefecture in 1932 in order to start the production of in-house . Work that had trained the metal by hand until it is mechanized , it became the thing to significantly improve productivity.


Touzaburo HasegawaⅡ ( 1925-2004 ) As a leader in Niigata Prefecture work tool cooperatives , as chairman of Sanjo External Trade Organization , it was contributing to the industry to seek new markets.

As KEIBA brand soon mark of the horse , MARUTO HASEGWA KOSAKUJO continued working as a pioneer in Sanjo to be a work tool manufacturer of integrated land after.

Taking advantage of the technical capabilities that were polished in the long history , we have been a variety of challenge without satisfying to the current evaluation.
As the tool manufacturer ahead of the competition and bid the famous designer from attention and in 1960 the importance of design , it was learned the know-how . Since then, the attitude to pursue new ideas and beautiful form has been passed down to today .

Also, start the production of nail clippers of nipper type in response to a request from the major cosmetics brands in 1967 . We have produced 300,000 + a year.


Tadashi Hasegawa contributed to a major change for production introducing M.P.S (Maruto Production System) and achieved greater efficiency in their production. MARUTO beauty brand was launched at this time.

Taking advantage of the experience , from the 2000s to establish a new brand " MARUTO " on the remote beauty supplies , including nail nippers . Web site " Nail nipper Culture Research Institute " also open , and continues to provide high-quality products in new areas.


Naoya Hasegawa At an early his age, he has accumulated entrepreneur experience through hints of his family business and his early time that spent in the UK during the mid 90's.
He joined MHK in 1998 and was later appointed as CEO in 2011 during which MARUTO brand gained majority of audience in Japan and he is contributing to its expansion abroad.


Dedication to creating the world’s finest nipper

From the very first process of forging to the final step of packaging, all of the more than 50 steps required to manufacture MARUTO nipper take place within the production to produce the world’s finest nipper.

MARUTO’s nipper is made with the finest stainless steel SUS420J2 moulded by 500kg weight of hammer that pressurises 2,000kg at a precise timing.

MPI (Maruto Product Innovation)

This production system was developed to increase efficiency and that enables one staff member to operate several processing machines, control the transport of goods, and manage the inventory of goods and materials.

Today MARUTO has reputation in the market and no.1 share for cuticle nipper in Japan.

In the final process towards completion, highly experienced craftpeople ensure that all the nippers deliver great performance at the MARUTO standard.


MARUTO technology secretly creates 0.02mm gap between the blades that are allowed to perform at their best when it comes to cutting. MARUTO nippers deliver smooth and precise cut without force which takes a greater care of thick, fragile or even acrylic nails and are practically designed for professionals to cut someone else’s.

Unlike the other manufactured nippers, a pair of blades of MARUTO nipper is precisely shaped and met the edge to the other at a micron/µ level which is adjusted through the process of the manufacturing and finished by hand of craft men.


We also care post-purchase, if you wish to maintain your implement at its best we offer sharpening services at following locations provided by our highly experienced craft-people. Please email details of your request by filling the form that you can download from the link below;

16 – 1, Doba, Sanjo City, Niigata Pref.,955-0831, JAPAN
tel. +81(0)2563 33010

Ankora Ltd.,
Liechtenstein Strasse 62, 1090 Vienna, Austria
tel. +436607232130

If you have inquiry for service please email us at


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